Vul lege cellen handmatig in Excel

Follow these steps to fill blank cells in an Excel 2003 worksheet.

Start by selecting the empty cells:

  1. Select the cells in the column, starting in the row below the column heading.
  2. Choose Edit | Go To
  3. Click the Special button
  4. Select Blanks, click OK

Enter the formula to copy the value:

  1. Type an equal sign
  2. Press the up arrow on the keyboard — this will enter a reference to the cell above — cell A2 in this example
  3. Hold the Ctrl key and press Enter — this enters the formula in all selected cells

Change the formulas to values:

In order to sort or filter the data, the formulas must be changed to values.

  1. Select the entire column
  2. Choose Edit | Copy
  3. With the column still selected, choose Edit | Paste Special
  4. Select Values, click OK

Note: Do this carefully if there are other cells in the range which contain formulas.